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When embarking on entrepreneurship, IT is often an important asset, allowing you to save time and be more efficient in managing business.

Here are some essential tips and tools for entrepreneurs starting their new business.


A laptop is essential to work from anywhere and respond to customer requests in real time.

Ordinateur portable avec station d'accueil HP connecté à deux écrans
Example of a HP Docking Station

If you hesitate with the comfort of a desk and its computer with large screens, be aware that it is also possible to use a docking station where you can connect your laptop and benefit instantly of your usual desk installation: keyboard, mouse, screens, etc. Prices can vary from 50 euros for relatively efficient hardware to several hundred for more complex features.


Despite digitalization, printers are still useful. In order to compensate the disastrous ecological balance of ink cartridges, it’s now very interesting to prefer an ink tank printer. Its purchase cost is often more expensive but in use it will quickly become unbeatable.

Epson ET-3850
Maybe the most versatile ink tank printer for your new business: Epson ET-3850.

For mobile users needing to print documents from anywhere, there are also travel models that plug into an USB port. Very interesting when you need to print a commercial offer that has just been modified in presence of your customers and must be signed as soon as possible!


Communicating with customers, partners and suppliers go through all available channels: phone of course, but also emails, instant messenger, social networks, videoconferencing software, etc. Fortunately, all of that is already in your smartphone.

It’s therefore mandatory to make uncompromising choices according to your activity (excellent photo sensor to publish illustrated offers, long battery life to work all day outside, scan of documents to forward asap…).

However, the challenge is then to handle a second smartphone to separate private and professional life. But, in addition to this additional bulk, this brings also other problems: which phone will benefit from the hands-free kit in your vehicle, which one to charge first, etc. So what is the best solution? Keep one single phone to do it all!

Virtual Number Service

We recommend this type of service to get a professional phone number available on your current smartphone. For example, with the OnOff service, you could get a second number for few euros per month. You can also choose between different numbers available (try your year of birth for example) in different countries, but it also benefits from portability. Meaning that you can keep it as long as you want and even transfer it to any other operator.

Logo On Off

In the meantime, thanks to a smartphone application, you will now have 2 numbers on the same device. So, no more problems connecting your bluetooth kit or your hands-free kit!

But what happens to my whatsapp?

Indeed, with a second number on the same phone, it’s impossible to easily switch from one whatsapp to another. So what to do?

Logo Whatsapp Business

Don’t panic, just install Whatsapp Business to have a second application dedicated to your professional number. It will even provide to your future customers a lot of information about your activity, schedules and products.

IT tools are essential for entrepreneurs even before starting their business. The important point is to choose carefully according to the needs of your future business and not to hesitate to invest in quality tools that will guarantee the efficiency and safety of your work.

Rest assured, we are here to support you from your first ideas until the complete realization of your tailor-made solution.

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