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ERP, CRM, MRP: Why choosing Dolibarr ?

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In a world where business management is increasingly digitized and automatized, having an integrated management system (ERP), a customer relationship management tool (CRM), and a manufacturing resource planning solution (MRP) has become indispensable.

Many companies use expensive solutions like Cegid or EBP. These solutions, while effective, often require costly cloud subscriptions and license renewals that strain the budget. This is where Dolibarr stands out as a viable, flexible, and cost-effective alternative.

Many companies already use solutions like CEGID or EBP. Even if the quality is not up to the initial investment, they cope with it by thinking of protecting themselves from future expenses. Until… the publishers of these proprietary softwares found a solution: their old software reaching their end of life, they now offer monthly subscriptions for cloud solutions at prohibitive costs. This time, the racket is no longer even hidden.

So what alternative? With free software it is possible to regain total control over its management softwares.

What is Dolibarr?

Dolibarr stands out as a viable, flexible, and cost-effective alternative. It’s an open-source integrated management software combining ERP, CRM, and MRP functionalities. It is designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), associations, and freelancers. With Dolibarr, you can manage all facets of your business in one place.


Why Choose Dolibarr?

  1. Economy:

    • Low Initial Cost: Unlike other solutions requiring heavy investments in licenses, Dolibarr is open-source. You only pay for installation and hosting fees.
    • No High Subscription Fees: Once installed, maintenance and hosting costs are significantly lower than the cloud subscriptions of proprietary solutions.
  2. Flexibility and Modularity:

    • Customization: Dolibarr is highly modular. You can add or remove modules according to your specific needs (invoicing, inventory management, project management, etc.).
    • Scalability: Is your business growing? Dolibarr adapts to your growth without requiring expensive migrations.
  3. Accessibility and Simplicity:

    • Intuitive Interface: Dolibarr is designed to be easy to use, even for non-technicians. Its clear and intuitive interface allows for quick adoption.
    • Online and Offline Accessibility: You can choose to host Dolibarr on the cloud or on your own servers, giving you total flexibility over data access and security.
  4. Support and Active Community:

    • Technical Support: We offer comprehensive support, from installation to maintenance and training.
    • Open-Source Community: Benefit from the assistance of a large community of users and developers who regularly contribute to improving the software.


Case Study: Transition from CEGID to Dolibarr

Many clients have already chosen to switch from expensive proprietary solutions to Dolibarr, saving thousands of euros each year. Here is a concrete example:

Company Alpha:

  • Initial Situation: Used a proprietary ERP with annual fees of €6,750 (Ex Tax).
  • Transition to Dolibarr: Within just 2 weeks, Dolibarr was installed with exactly the necessary modules, data from the old ERP was migrated to Dolibarr solution and employees were trained to be immediately comfortable with it.
  • Results: From the first year, the termination of the old ERP’s subscription covered the installation, migration and training costs for Dolibarr. In subsequent years, the cost of Dolibarr hosting represents only 1% of the amount offered by EBP, which represents a 99% saving on the €6,780 subscription. And above the company regained control over its business management with Dolibarr, which turns out to be a more robust, more reliable system and more adapted solution to their specific needs.


How to Get Started with Dolibarr?

Making the decision to change management software is a big step, but with Dolibarr, it is a step in the right direction. I offer comprehensive services to support you in this transition:

  • Needs Assessment: Analysis of your current processes and identification of necessary modules.
  • Installation and Configuration: Setting up Dolibarr according to your specifications.
  • Training: Training sessions for your employees for quick and effective adoption.
  • Continuous Support: Technical assistance and regular updates to ensure the smooth operation of your system.


Don’t let the high costs of proprietary solutions hinder your growth. Dolibarr represents a unique opportunity for businesses seeking to optimize their management without burdening their budget. Easy to use, customizable, and economical, it perfectly meets the needs of modern SMEs. Contact us today and ask for a demo to discover how Dolibarr can transform your business management.

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