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CRM & ERP Services with Dolibarr

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AtIngenious Tech, we are convinced that effective management of your business requires suitable and efficient tools. This is why we offer CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions via Dolibarr, free and open source software recognized for its flexibility and rich functionality.

Our Dolibarr services

  • Installation and Configuration: We support you in the installation of Dolibarr, ensuring optimal configuration according to your specific needs.
  • Training: Our Dolibarr training courses are designed to allow your teams to get the most out of the software, guaranteeing you efficient and autonomous use.
  • Customization: Integration of specific functionalities… We adapt Dolibarr so that it perfectly meets your requirements.
  • Maintenance and Support: We are at your disposal to guarantee the sustainability and security of your information system.

Dolibarr & WooCommerce Synchronization

For a wider and simplified management of your e-commerce, we offer a powerful synchronization solution between Dolibarr and your WooCommerce online store.

Intégration Dolibarr Woocommerce

Key features of this synchronization :

  • Product Synchronization: Your WooCommerce products are automatically synchronized with Dolibarr, allowing centralized management of your catalog.
  • Customer Management: WooCommerce customer information is integrated into Dolibarr, making it easier to track and manage customer relationships.
  • Sales Synchronization: Orders placed on WooCommerce are directly transferred to Dolibarr, allowing real-time tracking and simplified invoicing.
  • Stock Update: Stock levels are automatically updated on WooCommerce based on stock movements in Dolibarr, ensuring accurate inventory management.

This connection between Dolibarr and WooCommerce optimizes your online sales processes, reducing manual tasks and improving the efficiency of your business management. Take advantage of a smooth and efficient integration to boost your e-commerce activity.